Restoration Testimonials

"I feel like without rights restoration, you aren’t totally free from sentencing. When I received my rights restoration paperwork, I felt like I can finally put my past behind me, and work on ensuring the rest of my life is the best I can make it."

Richmond, Virginia
Rights Restored September 2, 2016

"[Having my rights restored] has given me a sense of hope when I thought there was no hope for my situation, having been told ‘no’ by three previous administrations. [It felt] like it would take a miracle for my rights to be restored and be able to vote again. Now I feel whole again. It means a great deal to me, for the Governor and his administration to do what they did for me and thousands of others. It means they believe in us and the truth that when you pay your debt to society you shouldn’t be punished twice. I will never take this right for granted ever again. They say you never miss something until you lose it."

North Chesterfield, Virginia
Rights Restored June 23, 2015

"[Having my rights restored] has given me confidence to continue to achieve my goals and remember that nothing is impossible. It is one step closer to me getting my record cleared and being embraced as the true community member and leader that I am."

Mechanicsville, Virginia
Rights Restored August 15, 2016

"I was overjoyed when I received the letter that my rights had been restored. I felt like a U. S. citizen again. I felt like I am somebody – not just a number, without a voice – but someone, a person, a human being , a citizen with a voice who is going to use it every chance I get."

"It means that society has given me another chance and I can start over again in society and exercise my civic duty. A lot of times, people do not get a second chance. I want to make it right, as I am glad I received a second chance. Restoration of my rights means that my life is now 'whole.' Not only have I started over again spiritually, occupationally, and in other aspects of my life, now I have started over again in fulfilling my civic duties and responsibilities. I thank the Governor for allowing me to have a second chance."

Robert W.
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Rights Restored August 15, 2016


Are your rights restored?

Anyone convicted of a felony in Virginia automatically loses their civil rights - the right to vote, serve on a jury, run for office, become a notary public and carry a firearm. The Constitution of Virginia gives the Governor the sole discretion to restore civil rights, not including firearm rights. Individuals seeking restoration of their civil rights are encouraged to contact the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office. 

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